Tracking Dance


Eike Dingler and Gudrun Lange have published Tracking Dance – ein Tanzbilderbuch. The black and white photos in this picture book represent a total of 2 hours, 16 minutes and 7 seconds of dance. This time span is the sum of the exposure times of the approximately 80 photos, on which Gudrun Lange moved in front of the camera of Eike Dingler. Using light sources on the body of the dancer, the movement over time was transposed onto the photographic representation, whose exposure lasted as long as the movement. In this way, Lange and Dingler examine patterns of movement: classic ballet routines or a waltz, the choreography on the summer hit Macarena, shaking out a cloth or assembling a removal box.

By using light, structures are created that focus on dance and movement. The viewer can immerse himself in the aesthetic, track movements analytically or even relate his own body experience to the image. For the body of the dancer does not disappear but is outlined, covered or played on by the light phenomena. In conjunction with the picture titles, which create references to the known, the imagery opens up: Tracking Dance is an invitation to sense dance.


Eike Dingler and Gudrun Lange


ISBN 978-3-942680-66-0

18 Euro

Available directly from the publisher or from tanz lange.


Sponsored by: The Ministry for Families, Children, Youth, Culture and Sports of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia


Publication: 26.10.2014, theatre festival FAVORITEN 2014