Tour d´Europe des choregraphes


In autumn 2010, I was invited by K3/Hamburg, to participate in Tour d´Europe des choregraphes, a European-wide further training project for young choreographers. This was a pilot project. The evaluation was an important part of the whole undertaking. The aim was to promote the management and networking skills of those involved. The exciting part was that the project covered a period of eight months and five partners within Europe were involved: in addition to K3 (Hamburg) these were Le Pacifique (Grenoble, France), Lublin Dance Theatre (Lublin, Poland), Dance House Ireland (Dublin, Ireland) and Centro Choreografico and Agadic (Santiago del Compostela and A Coruna, Spain). Each of these centres selected two choreographers, who met for one week at a time at each of the locations, familiarised themselves with the specifics of the independent scene, subsidies policy and culture, watched performances together and met local organisers and artists. This project is continuing to have an effect on various levels: in terms of organisation, contacts were created, ranging from residency invitations and guest appearances to possible co-operations on future projects. On an artistic level, a European exchange between the invited choreographers came into being - information is being shared, advice sought. From time to time they work together. And friendships were formed, which are usefully developing over distances and informing the network.