Emerging Merce


After involvements with Dore Hoyer and Josephine Baker, this third dance project with young people from Düsseldorf is all about a further artistic vision of dance history. Together they are taking a closer look at Merce Cunningham, who died in 2009 at the age of 90. In the mid-20th century, in close co-operation with John Cage and Robert Rauschenberg, he founded his own technique and a company in New York, and developed new possibilities for choreography by taking artistic decisions based on the principle of chance. In Emerging Merce, young people ask questions about content, form, chance, meaning, freedom and borders and develop their own positions and creative answers. So in the middle of the piece, the four young women leave the stage and swap roles with the artistic team. One of the young women for the team choreographed scene takes place now, which from the costume design to the performance attitude is based on their ideas, conflicts and convictions.


Concept and choreography: Gudrun Lange

Performance: Carina Borgards, Wanda Fassbender, Lara Sadlo, Moira Skupin

Music: Oliver Bedorf

Dramaturgy: Verena Billinger

Artistic assistence: Judit Abegg

Lighting design: Kirstin Brune


Change of roles

Choreography: Carina Borgards, Wanda Fassbender, Lara Sadlo, Moira Skupin

Performance: Judit Abegg, Oliver Bedorf, Verena Billinger, Gudrun Lange


Produced by Forum Freies Theater Düsseldorf

Was realized with the help of: „Take-off Junger Tanz“, sponsored by Landeshauptstadt Düsseldorf and Ministerpräsident des Landes NRW. „Take-off Junger Tanz” is a cooperation by cultural, educational and social institutions in Düsseldorf under the direction of tanzhaus nrw.


Premiere: January 28th 2012, Black Box, Forum Freies Theater Düsseldorf


„Chance as a compositional principle is a common theme throughout the exciting performance, which lasts approximately one hour. Carina Borgards, Wanda Fassbender, Lara Sadlo und Moira Skupin are present and intense.“


Veronika Ortmayr in Rheinische Post, 31.01.2012