Home Game


Is a concept from the choreographers/dancers Karen Boesser, Kathrin Spaniol and Gudrun Lange. It was inspired by working together as part of an interest group for the independent performing arts scene in Düsseldorf.

The team of three invites colleagues from a city/a festival/a region to participate with a movement proposal or an initiative, together with the favored sound. These ideas are then collected by the team and put into a suitable dramatic sequence. The team decides on the length of the sequence, prepares the musical soundtrack and a light concept. On the day of the performance, all those involved meet for the first time for a big rehearsal block, where each person explains their movement task, everyone can research the tasks and the sequence is tried out. The home game takes place in the evening.

The sense of community is at the forefront, the fun of dance above and beyond all aesthetic differences. Home game is an instant composition that visualises various approaches and different ways of understanding dance, stage and theatre. The spontaneity of the performers and creative ad hoc implementation are what make this format special. Moreover, community and synergy are generated, the audience sees a diversity that does not normally converge in this way, and the political impact of this visibility is important for us.


The following have taken place to date:

Home Game-Düsseldorf as part of Made in Düsseldorf - 12 performers - 3 extra idea providers - 15 tasks - 33 min

Home Game-Cologne as part of tanzpunkt.köln - 22 performers - 2 extra idea providers - 20 movement tasks - 47 min


Premiere Düsseldorf: May 30th 2013, Festival "Made in Düsseldorf", FFT Düsseldorf

Sponsored by: Cultural Office Köln within the program tanzpunkt.köln, Ministry for Families, Children, Youth, Culture and Sport of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia.


Premiere Cologne: Jan 9th 2014, Alte Feuerwache Köln