is a thirty minute-solo for me, based on half an hour of channel surfing. During the performance the audience gets to hear the audio tape of the experience. I provide the pictures by placing my body at the disposal of the bodies on the TV screen.


Concept, choreography and performance: Gudrun Lange

Photo: Eike Dingler

Video: Cecilia Gläsker, Nathalie Schulten, Sebastian Lautenbach


Premiere: May 9th, 2008, TiL, Giessen in context of TanzArt ostwest


Own production


Though alone on stage with nothing else than a plethor of sounds coming out of the loudspeakers, she succeeds especially in her remarkable acting performance [...]. She can even be a popstar, smile seductively, disrupt the snatches of sounds before you can get used to them. Despite their great variety they get boring after a while, unlike Gudrun Lange [...]


Thomas Hag in Neue Rhein Zeitung, 23.05.08