is a piece with six teenagers from different cultural backgrounds. The performers are 16 to 19 years old and have Persian, Greek, Peruvian, Bosnian and German origins. While rehearsing over a period of six months they dealt with three basic questions: How do we move? What makes us move? What moves us? The final piece emerged from the abilities and convictions of the participants. So the audience will see and hear the young participants and it is their personalities which constitute the piece. The pronounced inclusion of the performers in the piece and the possibility of portraying themselves, and being heard, are reflected in the trust and radiance emitted by beweggründe.


Choreography: Gudrun Lange

Dance: Nora Ferl, Belen Jucknat, Andreas Niederprüm, Dzenny Samardzic, Anousheh Torkaman Abdari, Alexander Tsoubaklis

Lights: art  project


Premiere: Sept 21st, 2005, Forum Freies Theater, Düsseldorf


Produced by Forum Freies Theater in context of "Der neue Orient"