Gudrun Lange has been working as a freelance choreographer since 2003. What interests she most is the human body with all its layers of significance: physicality, dancer's instrument, carrier of identity, gender, expression, performance, neglect, connotation of both society and media. Obviously the themes she chooses have a physical aspect. In this aspect she looks at the physical systems and their social context as personified by the dancers. (by dancers she means anybody that moves within her set frame.) So finally we find ourselves in between individuality and cliché, autonomy and dependance, real presence and medial transformation.


When it comes to formal aspects, she is interested in systems that create choreography and that define time and space in their own right. So the dancers are not only making their decisions but reacting to another factor. This sharpens attention to the moment and places more emphasis on the time shared by performer and spectator than on simply delivering a performance.




Gudrun Lange was born 1975 and grew up in Giessen, Germany. She studied modern dance in Rotterdam (NL), and in New York City. In the U.S. she conducted a work scholarship with Jennifer Muller/ The Works for two years. Muller, an internationally renowned New York-based choreographer, teaches a unique movement technique that emphasizes the use of breath, energy, and body knowledge. These studies had a major impact on Gudrun. Subsequently, she started working as a dancer in NYC and joined Neta Pulvermacher & Dancers for one performance season. Besides performing at the 92nd St.Y, they toured to Massachusetts, South Carolina, and Poland. She also danced for Marcelo Perreira, with whom she toured to Denmark.


Returning to Germany in 1999 she moved to Düsseldorf and started working as a freelance dancer. She performed with Claudia Küppers, Michael Langeneckert, Dyane Neiman and Silke Z. in and around Germany. In 2002 she was awarded the "Prize for Best Artistic Performance" at Theaterzwang, the 10th annual Fringe Festival in North Rhine Westfalia. In 1998 Gudrun Lange started collaborating with theater scientist Karl Dirk Tebbe, an associate from Giessen. Their projects took them to Jordan and to festivals such as Z 2000 in Berlin.


In 2003 Gudrun Lange started working as a freelance choreographer and producing her own projects. She developes her work in three main directions:


First of all she collaborates with other professional artists. In this sphere seven projects have been created in coproduction with FFT Düsseldorf: Pimp Your Dance, skillz / no skillz, which was also co-produced by LOFFT/Leipzig, Die schnittige Menge, which was produced in a residency at K3 - Center for Choreography/Tanzplan Hamburg at Kampnagel, Cheeeese!, which was also co-produced by Ringlokschuppen Mülheim and was shown at tanz nrw 2011 at PACT Zollverein, and And on, a collaboration with kainkollektiv in co-production with Ringlokschuppen Mülheim, Economic Depression – this Title is no Coincidence! also coproduced by Ringlokschuppen Mülheim and Solidarité! Solidarität! Solidarity! as well coproduced by Ringlokschuppen Mülheim.


Her second main interest is the development of projects with teenagers in collaboration with FFT Düsseldorf. The first production was beweggründe in 2005, which was shown in Studiobühne Köln und Ballsaal Bonn as well. 2009- 12 she created a series of pieces that all deal with a dance celebrity of the last century: affected by with Dore Hoyer, Josephine Superstar with Josephine Baker and Emerging Merce with Merce Cunningham. The following up production ich geschichtet is asking the young people about the relationship of their own past and history in its entity. And in It is Time to Dance. the participants reflect about their sensation of time. Gudrun was also part of the successful youth production ádieu from Ives Thuwis that has been invited to Theaterzwang, Impulse and Tanzplattform 2006. In 2010 Gudrun Lange got offered the creation of a performance with 22 scholars at the KKL Lucerne. The music was Strauss´ Wiener Blut and it was performed together with the Lucerne Symphony Orchestra.


Besides those shows other forms of collaboration took place. 2013 Gudrun developed a format together with other choreographers and landesbüro tanz nrw to visit the Tanzkongress 2013 together. Also she could realize her Chance Tanz Projekt Rhythm is a Dancer together with youth club Icklack. 2014 two articles of hers were published both dealing with her work with adolescents. To be found in Stop Teaching – Neue Theaterformen mit Kindern und Jugendlichen, published by Jan Deck und Patrick Primavesi and in TanzLand NRW, published by Theater der Zeit.


The third interest from the beginning on was working in solo. In 2006 Schmutz, which was invited to tanzkonkret in Cologne, was made. 2008 followed Fernsehabend, a solo that was premiered at TanzArt ostwest in Giessen and shown at tanztank, tanzhaus nrw, at Les Réperages in France and Belgium, tanz nrw in Bonn and the International Dance Fair. In 2013 she produced the new solo Exhaustion/Inhaustion. This solo is presented exclusively on open-air stages, preferably in band shells.


Accompanying the mentioned work smaller formats occurred such as Pause, a duo that is performed in non-theatrical spaces exclusively for a one-person audience or dancing in public spaces. Also belonging in this category is "Gemeinsam Abhängen", an installation for foyers or museums. And 2014 she published together with Eike Dingler her very first book Tracking Dance – Ein Tanzbilderbuch.


In 2008 Gudrun Lange was selected as this year's recipient of the Young Talents Award Female Artist Prize for North Rhine Westfalia, 2009 she was nominated for the most promising award in performing arts in Düsseldorf and received a choreographic scholarship awarded by Kunststiftung NRW, that enabled her to visit Janez Jansa in Ljubljana, Omar Rajeh in Beirut and Public Movement in Tel Aviv and get acquainted with their work. 2010 she participated in the European educational programme Tour d´Europe des choregraphes and had the chance to get to know Le Pacifique/Grenoble/Frankreich, Lublin Dance Theater/Lublin/Polen, Dance House Ireland/Dublin/Ireland and Centro Choreografico and Agadic/Santiago de Compostela and A Coruna/Spanien. 2012 and 2013 she repeatedly was nominated for the most promising award in performing arts in Düsseldorf. 2012 til 2014 she received the “Spitzenförderung”, a support by the federal state to both produce and build up a company structure. She founded tanz lange. 2015 tanz lange is taking a production pause.
Since 2012 Gudrun is completing her dance therapy education.